Sunday, April 6, 2003

A month has passed since the meeting with the “Hart to Hart” couple. As expected, nothing happened with them. Our business keeps chugging along. There’s no business growth, but we’re not getting smaller either.

To help with his efforts, Marty asked for a list of companies we know that might be interested in buying us. I put together a few names of companies in our region that do what we do, and are generally larger than we are, but I don't know anyone at those businesses. I also added in the names of a couple of companies that don't do what we do, but who might be interested in the "synergy" of adding our skill set to theirs. He promised not to give away our company name, and will again just send out "blinded" company information, including a vague description of what we do, and just saying "Midwest", as opposed to using our specific location.

We also debated about giving Marty the name of our closest competitor. I should take that back; we gave him that name a long time ago, but we told him to avoid them. If they found out we were for sale they could use that against us in sales meetings, which could be disastrous. But with nothing else happening, Jack, Dave, and I talked about this door, though we decided against it.

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