Friday, August 26, 2005

Jack and I met at lunch today, and he surprised me in two ways, none of them good.

First, he said he had no interest in buying my shares in the company, and wouldn't go along with any effort by David to pursue that. That wasn't a huge surprise; I'm not sure exactly why, but I didn't think he'd go for that approach anyway. However, his second surprise was more like a shock.

He said he wanted to make a counter-offer to me: He wanted to sell his interest in the company for some percentage over book value, not much he said, maybe twenty or thirty percent.

To which I said something like "WTF? Let's see, I already tried to buy your shares twice, I've been divorced, I've already stated that I want to leave town, and then you do this? What a piece of crap." (Actually, whatever I said was probably one long string of profanities, but I'm trying to keep it clean here.)

I tried to sit there with him after he said this , but I couldn't. I told him that if he wanted to read the business Operating Agreement and follow the correct protocol by making an offer to sell his interest to the company, that was his perogative, but in my opinion, he would look like an ass.

After that I got up and left without paying the bill, or even thinking about it. I stopped at McDonalds on the way back to work to get a burger, still extremely upset.

Try hiding emotion like this from your co-workers and customers when you go back to work.

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