Saturday, October 19, 2002

David and I were both at the office for a while this morning (a Saturday morning), and we spent a little time talking about the business broker. He asked how the meeting went with the guy, what he was like, what he wanted, how he'd be paid, etc. He reiterated that he was okay with this if it was something I wanted to do, and he just wanted a fat buyout and a good-paying job when it was all over.

As we spoke, the topic of the Class B partners came up. Since we were alone at the office, we decided to get Jack on a quick conference call, and the three of us agreed not to talk to our Class B partners about this yet, as we still didn't have any idea what our company was worth. If the business broker said the company wasn't worth much, we might still decide not to sell the business, and we didn't see any sense in worrying the Class B partners about this yet.

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