Tuesday, September 10, 2002

My wife and I have been trying to slip in an "emergency" vacation this month, but it's clear now that isn't going to happen. A couple of problems with clients have come up that I feel like I need to take care of personally.

Driving to Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm holding out hope that we can at least squeeze in a three-day weekend somewhere nearby. At times like these I really  appreciate those "three day vacation" ideas in the local papers and magazines. Of course on one three-day excursion we ran into a biker's convention, but that ended up being harmless, and interesting. (Unlike a poor previous manager of mine, who took a short break in Virginia Beach, only to be there for the riots in 1989.)

In happier news, I ran into a potential new project manager when I gave a presentation last Friday. We have some mutual friends, and I've talked to him on and off for two years now, but after the presentation he expressed an interest in interviewing with us, so we're meeting for lunch tomorrow to get the ball rolling.

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