Monday, June 20, 2005

I'm trying not to swear in this diary, but I hate coming to this #!@% office -- and this is supposed to be my company. Every time I come back to the office there's another project falling apart, or infighting between different groups that I have to work out. A few weeks ago when I was heading out the door for a sales call there was something that had to be done that "only I could do", and I had to run late to that meeting, and again today there were several more near-disasters, and everyone pounced on me before I could set my laptop bag down.

David tells me there's very clear tension between several people, and it would be best if I was at the office more often to serve as a go-between for them. That's great, I tell David, except for the fact that I still have all these projects in the field that I'm responsible for. Why doesn't Jack or another business partner handle these problems?

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