Monday, June 27, 2005

In an effort to resolve some of the problems at the office, I've talked to each employee and partner who are involved in the problems, both so I can understand what's happening, as well as to let them vent. In response to some of their complaints, I'm investing money in a technical solution to some of the problems, and I'm also trying to do a few things to help with the softer side of the problems.

To that end, we're going to bring on another contractor to help lessen everyone's workload. We're not going to charge much for this person's time, and this is going to cost us more money than we'll make, but it will hopefully clear up the technical/workflow portions of the problems.

We're also going to start having a few more company outings, including lunch outings, and various training programs. These programs are non-technical, and in fact, have very little to do with work directly. They're just an excuse for a boondoggle, to get the employees together in a situation with less pressure, and will also result in the billing a little less time than they normally would.

All of this will be on the company's dime, and if I haven't explained Jack and George's personalities very well yet, suffice it to say they're not happy with this at all. In a partner meeting today I told them I appreciate their criticism, but if they didn't like my approach, what I would really appreciate is a better solution, especially since their both in the office much more than I am.

Neither one can offer a better solution, only saying they think the problems are overblown. To that comment I take the time to explain exactly what I walk into every time I come back to the office, trying to explain my point of view, but it seems to me like everyone is now clamming up, and there's not going to be any more progress here. I close the meeting by telling everyone that I'm open to other suggestions, but lacking a better plan at this time, this is the way I want to go.

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