Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Nothing interesting happened with our business broker's first 90-day extension. We did the usual part of sending information back and forth, but didn't have any meetings with the prospective buyers. However, with that extension expiring, Marty tells me he has another very promising lead. He won't give me the name of these people, but he does seem more excited than I've ever seen him, so after a brief discussion with the other partners, we're going to give him another ninety day extension.

While we haven't done anything intentional to find another business broker, Jack told me that he met another person in the "business broker" industry at a local business gathering, and we've agreed to meet with him if nothing happens during this 90-day extension. While Marty seems to work on his own, and I don't know who he knows locally, I do know that this other person is very "plugged in" to the local business scene.

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