Thursday, November 3, 2005

My business partners and I have agreed to a cooling off period.

From my perpective, the hardest parts in dealing with these guys is that they give me no feedback, and don't seem to understand the word "compromise." They also prefer to communicate by email, and for me that takes a little while longer than just sitting somewhere with them and working through the numbers. At this point that's fine by me, as I'm still banking $1K+ per day, but it seems like at some point we should really try to get a deal done.

Another major reason for the cooling off period is that we all agree that our work is suffering, and we need to shore it up before our customers notice. Actually, what's more likely is that they've already noticed, but just haven't said anything yet. We all agree that our business has a good reputation, and if these guys want to have something worth buying, and not ruin their own reputations, we better get some work done.

I really don't know where to go with this right now. At the moment we don't have a "next meeting" set up.

Not to be too much of an egomaniac here, but looking at the calendar, if I were these guys I'd be a lot more nervous now than I was at the beginning of September or October. One way or another, I'm leaving in six months.

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