Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I've answered a few more questions from the Class B partners by email. Since there is now such a large group of us involved in the discussions we decided to all use our personal email addresses instead of our business addresses. We thought that would help prevent emails being sent to the other people at the company by mistake.

Their questions were straightforward, and mostly had to do with the numbers I was looking for. They also asked for a guarantee that if the Class B partners rejected my offer that I would come back to the Class A and Class B partners to negotiate a deal before going to an outside party. I told them that was absolutely fine by me, and that was my intent. I assumed David and George would fill in the Class B partners on my problems with Jack, but I didn't ask if they had.

After answering all these questions the Class B partners told me they would sign the documents to formally reject my offer, and asked at the same time if we would set up a meeting between the Class A and B partners who were interested in negotiating with me. I said that was fine, they could sign the documents at the beginning of that meeting. But unfortunately, due to everyone's schedule, we couldn't meet until Saturday. Actually, we could have met Friday night, but based on our last Friday night meeting, we decided not to do that any more.

I was also curious, would Jack be at this next meeting?

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