How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary


As its name implies, my book, How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary, is the story of how I sold my small business, told in a diary format.

Based on what I went through, I think there are at least three great reasons to buy the book:

1) Inside stories of the sales process

In the book I share stories about the process of selling a business that you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • How to work with business brokers
  • How to really put a value on your company’s worth
  • Handling meetings and negotiations with potential buyers
  • How to handle all sorts of problems you’ll run into in the process of selling your company

2) The book I wanted to read before I sold my company

Other books about selling a business are typically written by accountants and business valuators who try to explain complex formulas about how to value your business, but in addition to the complexity of their approaches, they don’t talk about the process and emotions you’ll go through during (and after) the sales process.

While I was selling my company I made many small notes before and after all my meetings, and eventually published some of those notes on this website. After receiving many encouraging comments like “Thank you!”,  “This will help me make money”, and “You should write a book”, well, the book is finally here.

In addition to all of my notes, the book includes (a) the all-new chapter on 12 Lessons Learned, and (b) additional notes from the five years that followed after I sold my business.

3) An investment

This book is an investment. Think of it this way: How much money would you be willing to spend to make thousands of additional dollars when you sell your business? If this book costs $10, and just one tip from it makes you only a thousand dollars, it will still be one of the best investments you ever made.

In addition to being a great resource for people interested in buying or selling a business, this book can also be beneficial if you want to learn the “behind the scenes” stories of being a partner in a small business.


In the end, I can summarize why you should buy this book with this simple statement:

“Learn from my experience (and mistakes)
and make more money on your deal.”

Start reading the book for free

As an added benefit, you can now start reading the book online for free. Click here to begin reading the online version of “How I Sold My Business: A Personal Diary”, now.

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