Champion Farms crime wave?

There seems to be a crime wave at Champion Farms, the apartment complex where I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky (and where I'm anxiously ready to move away from), and I'm very concerned about the safety and security here.

Last Thursday night when I came home police cars were all over the Champion Farms parking lot. I didn't stop to talk to any of them; I just went straight to my apartment and locked the doors.

This wasn't the first time I've come home to some sort of Champion Farms crime. In fact, in just the events I know about (I travel often, so I'm sure I miss some things), this is at least the second time the police have been all over the parking lot at night this year, and that doesn't even include past events with police helicopters buzzing overhead.

Over the years the Champion Farms apartment complex has gotten louder and louder, especially at night, but I didn't realize all that noise (parties, yelling, screeching tires, cars revving their engines) would lead directly to crime, but it certainly has. Lately there have been police cruisers driving through the parking lot periodically.

Several years ago this was a nice place to live in Louisville, Kentucky, but with all this Champion Farms crime, I can't recommend that anyone else live here. I'm currently looking at getting out of my lease and moving on to a safer neighborhood.