Report search engine spam (and SEO abuse)

Tired of seeing "junk" in the Google search engine results pages? This week I'm launching a new website named Report Search Spam (, where regular, everyday users will be able to report the search engine spam they see.

You know search engine spam when you see it:

  • Ridiculous titles on web pages that repeat the same keywords over and over.
  • Websites that copy other websites -- including spelling errors -- and use SEO techniques to get in the top ten Google search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Websites that use other SEO techniques to get into the SERPs.

Last week I finally got tired of trying to search for things at Google and consistently seeing "crap" in the search results, so I took some time out to create this new website. (I've documented my full story at this About page on my new website.)

As I mention on my website, if you have a Google Webmaster account, by all means report search engine spam using Google's spam form. But, if you don't have a webmaster account, please use this new website. I'm glad to document cases of search engine spam/abuse, and I'll also use my own Google Webmaster account to report spam cases that are submitted. If necessary, I'll hire someone else to submit these reports as well.

(Bing and Yahoo have their own ways of reporting search engine spam and SEO abuse, but I haven't looked into their systems yet.)

Again, here's a link to my new Report Search Engine Spam website.