eXtreme GUI Testing, coming soon

In the biggest news of the week, well, at least for me, I'll finally be releasing my eXtreme GUI Testing software (XGT) to the public. I was hoping to get everything ready for release today, but other things came up, so bear with me.

As I mentioned in a blog post many years ago, I created XGT to see if I could push the envelope of GUI testing and software QA. Because XGT uses Ruby/JRuby as its scripting language, and because JRuby is backed by anything you want to do in Java, I think this makes for a very powerful, but also very simple, automated GUI testing framework.

Instead of writing more here, let me just refer you to my "Extreme GUI Testing and Software QA" blog post from several years ago. In that post you can see a simple XGT GUI testing script, and see for yourself how easy the language is.