iPhone email photo tip - how to save an image you receive as an email message attachment

iPhone email photo/image tip: If you receive a photo/image as an attachment in an email message while using your iPhone you can save that image to your iPhone photo collection very easily. Just press the image with one finger and hold it down for a second or two, and a menu will slide up from the bottom asking if you want to save the image.

I use the iPhone Mail program as an interface to my Yahoo email account, and a friend just sent me an email message with three image attachments. By pressing and holding one of the images, a menu popped up with three options:

  • Save Image
  • Save 3 Images
  • Open Link

When I choose Save Image the menu goes away, and I'm still looking at my email message. When I switch over to the Photos application sure enough, the image is there.

(This does work, but as someone who has designed user interfaces before, I would like a little feedback after I press the Save Image button.)