A Chrome OS notebook (netbook) test?

A Chrome OS notebook test? - As a friend wrote to me the other day, "Want to try a Google Chrome OS notebook? Take you current notebook/laptop/netbook, fire up the Chrome browser, put it into full screen mode, and see how long you can work that way."

Sure enough, I fired up my MacBook Pro, started Chrome, put it into full-screen mode (Mac Chrome full screen mode keystroke is [Shift][Command][F]), and thought about working and life. Okay, Twitter and Facebook are easy enough, no problem. Next, writing blog posts, again, not a huge problem, though I am a notorious Mac Spaces user, and if the Chrome OS doesn't support a Spaces-like feature, I'm going to feel really cramped.

Next, iTunes ... um ... er ...

Next, I need to SSH into one of my websites to do, well, I guess it doesn't matter.

Okay, now I need to write some PHP code for a new website, and ... well, it doesn't matter either.

I also need to open Eclipse to edit a Java project ... hmm, what about those photos I need to edit for the OneMansAlaska website?

My Chrome OS notebook/netbook test results

Okay, well that was a short review. I'll go check the Chrome OS online videos, but unless a Google Chrome OS notebook/netbook supports those features, and more, I don't believe I'll be using it. Frankly, as I think about it, why would I want a Chrome OS notebook or Chrome OS netbook instead of an iPad? If I'm going to be really limited in what I can do, I'd rather have an iPad, and specifically the tablet form factor.

All that being said, if you want to apply for the Google Chrome OS notebook pilot program, well, that was the URL for it. As for me, while browsing the web with the Chrome full screen feature is nice from time to time, if this is anything like the true Chrome OS netbook experience, I'll have to pass on it.