Learning Functional Programming in Scala

Hi, my name is Alvin Alexander. I wrote the Scala Cookbook for O’Reilly, and this is the free, online version of my new book about functional programming (FP) in Scala.

The book is written as a series of lessons, with each lesson building upon the previous lesson to build up your Scala and FP knowledge base. Therefore I’ve named the book, Learning Functional Programming in Scala. (I previously called it Functional Programming, Simplified, and frankly I think both names fit the book’s approach.)

Current status

As of July 1, 2017, the book consists of 88 chapters, and a few more appendices. I’ve released 45 chapters from the book here in HTML format. You can find notes about all of the releases at the Changelog page.

I just moved the book to this website (alvinalexander.com), so the formatting still needs to be improved, but the good news is that you can now search this one website for almost everything I have ever written about Scala.

When new lessons are available, I’ll make announcements on my Twitter account and here at alvinalexander.com, so follow me at those places for updates.

My current focus is on releasing a PDF version of the book, so 99% of my effort is focused on that goal, but I’ll add new lessons here when I have free time.

And now, the book

Well, that’s enough of the background material. Please click the book image below to begin reading, Learning Functional Programming in Scala.

All the best,

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