How to extend MacBook Pro battery life, part 2

As a quick follow up to my previous article on how to extend MacBook battery life, I just tested my MacBook Pro battery life today, and I got almost 2.5 hours out of today's battery charge(!).

Following my own MacBook battery advice, when I sat down to work I shut down Firefox and turned off the wireless networking. After that I went to work as normal, typing into a text editor for 2.5 hours straight.

The funny thing is, I didn't start this work session with the intention of seeing how much battery life I could get out of one charge, so I did end up doing two things which should have drained the battery charge quite a bit. First, I saved my documents quite a bit as I went along, which fires up the hard drives. I also forgot to turn down the MacBook monitor brightness.

Either way, I'm very happy with 2.5 hours of MacBook battery life on a single charge, especially with this older MacBook Pro, whose battery is probably about four years old by now.