UML Use Case examples

Summary: A collection of UML Use Case examples (software requirements examples), based on a "real world" project.

I've been taking a little time lately to document a lot of what I know about UML Use Cases, and today I thought I'd take a few moments to link up to Use Cases I wrote for a client back in 2004. The client graciously allowed me to reprint these on this website, as long as I removed their name from all the documentation.

Before you look at these Use Case examples, it's important to know that when these were written I was working with the client on a fixed-price basis, meaning that my company would develop the software for these Use Cases for a fixed price. Therefore, the client and I thought it was extremely important to make these Use Cases as detailed as possible, and the text you'll see in these Use Case examples was written and reviewed six times. Also, because of these rewrites I began color-coding changes in the Use Cases so the reviewers didn't have to completely re-read each Use Case in each review.

Given that introduction, here are links to a collection of Use Case examples:

Also note that it may help to begin with the introduction to this requirement specification:

I hope these example Use Cases will be helpful. Speaking for myself and the reviewers in the process, I guarantee we learned an awful lot about developing a software requirements specification while creating this document.